Troubleshoot Connection Issues

The following issues might occur when connecting to a DB system or database.

ORA-28365: Wallet is Not Open Error

For a 1-node DB system or 2-node RAC DB system, regardless of how you connect to the DB system, before you use OS authentication to connect to a database (for example, sqlplus / as sysdba) be sure to set the ORACLE_UNQNAME variable. Otherwise, commands that require the TDE wallet will result in the error ORA-28365: wallet is not open.


This is not an issue when using a TNS connection because ORACLE_UNQNAME is automatically set in the database CRS resource.

SSH Access Stops Working

If the DB system’s root volume becomes full, you might lose the ability to SSH to the system (the SSH command will fail with permission denied errors). Before you copy a large amount of data to the root volume, for example, to migrate a database, use the dbcli create-dbstorage command to set up storage on the system’s NVMe drives and then copy the database files to that storage. For more information, see Setting Up Storage on the DB System.