Update the DB System Resources Using dbcli

You can use the dbcli utility to update your DB system resources. This includes updating the DB system, the operating system (OS) on the nodes within the DB system, and Database Homes.

For more information on dbcli commands, see Oracle Database CLI Reference.


  1. Preparing for an OS update.

    Before you update the OS, review the following important guidelines and information:

    • Back up the database in the DB system prior to attempting an OS update.
    • Do not remove packages from a DB system. However, you might have to remove custom RPMs (packages that were installed after the system was provisioned) for the update to complete successfully.


      Do not install Network Manager on the DB system. Installing this package and rebooting the system results in severe loss of access to the system.
    • Oracle recommends that you test any updates thoroughly on a non-production system before updating a production system.
    • The image used to launch a DB system is updated regularly with the necessary updates. After you launch a DB system, you are responsible for applying the required OS security updates published through the Oracle public YUM server.
    • To apply OS updates, the virtual cloud network (VCN) in the DB system must be configured to allow access to the YUM repository. For more information, see VCN and Subnets.
  2. Requirements for using SSH to connect to a DB system.

    To connect to the DB system via SSH, you need the path to the private key associated with the public key used when the DB system was launched.

    You also need the public or private IP address of the DB system.

    Use the private IP address to connect to the system from your on-premises network, or from within the VCN. This includes connecting from a host located on-premises connecting through a VPN or FastConnect to your VCN, or from another host in the same VCN. Use the DB system's public IP address to connect to the system from outside the cloud (with no VPN). You can find the IP addresses in the Console as follows:

    1. On the DB System Details page, under Resources, click Nodes.
    2. View the values that are displayed in the Public IP address and Private IP address & DNS name columns of the table displaying the Nodes of the DB system.

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