Help: About Data Sync

With Data Sync, it’s easy to upload on-premises data to your cloud database. Data Sync loads data directly from relational sources (tables, views, SQL statements), files (CSV and XLSX), and other sources such as OTBI, Oracle RightNow, Greenplum, MongoDB, Salesforce, Amazon Redshift, Hive, PostgresSQL, and more.

Some key terms and concepts:

  • Connection — Defines data sources and target databases.

  • Project — Workspace that defines and helps to organize your data uploads. For example, you could upload human resources and finance data under a single project (called “My Data”) or create two projects (called “My HR Data” and “My Finance Data”). Such partitions may be helpful if there is more than one user working on each system.

  • Job — Uploads all the data defined in a project to your target Cloud database.