Help: Email Configuration Dialog and Recipients Dialog

You can send data load reports by email to one or more recipients. Emails are sent from the email account that you configured on the Email Configuration dialog.

Email Configuration Dialog

Field or element Description

User Name

The user name for the email account.


The password for the user name provided. (Only required if you select Needs Authentication.)

Email Server The host name of the email server.

Email Server Port

The port where the email server listens.

Email Address

The email address of the user.

Needs Authentication

Specifies whether the corporate email server requires authentication.

Needs SSL

Specifies whether an SSL connection is required.

Send Test Email Click to test the details by sending an email to the specified email account.

Recipients Dialog

Field or element Description


The name of the user to be notified.

Email Address

The email address where the notification is sent.

Inactive Indicates whether the email notification for this recipient is active or inactive. When checked, the person is not included in the email broadcast.