Restarting Your Service

If your service isn’t responding you can stop and restart your service.


Your service will be temporarily unavailable while your system restarts. Everyone using the service will be signed out and lose any unsaved work.
  1. Open the Console.
  2. Click Snapshots.
  3. Click Manage, then Restart Service.
  4. Click OK to confirm.
    Wait for a moment while the system restarts.
  5. If the restart is successful, click OK.
  6. If the restart fails, click OK.
    1. If you defined one or more database connections for your service, ensure these databases are available.

    2. If you uploaded a data model or restored a snapshot containing a data model, make sure any initialization blocks inside the model don't take too long to execute as this can cause timeouts. Use the Admin Tool on the source system to open the data model and check the initialization blocks.

    3. If you’re still having issues, contact Oracle Support Services.