Specifying Connection Details for NetSuite Data

To set up a Data Sync environment with a NetSuite data source, you specify connection details for your NetSuite instance.

  1. Install the NetSuite JDBC driver:
    1. Download the JDBC driver installer from NetSuite and install it.
    2. From the installed directory, copy NQjc.jar to the \lib folder in your Data Sync installation directory.
    3. If Data Sync is already running, exit and restart.
  2. In Data Sync, click Connections.
  3. Click New to create a new blank row in the table.
  4. On the Edit tab, specify the following details:
    Field or Element Description
    Name Specify a short descriptive name such as NetSuite to identify the connection details in Data Sync.

    Connection Type

    Select Generic JDBC.


    Specify a NetSuite user with sufficient administration privileges on the reporting area that you want to load.


    Specify the password for the NetSuite user.

    Driver Specify: com.netsuite.jdbc.openaccess.OpenAccessDriver.
    URL Specify:
    jdbc:ns://{Server Host}:{Server Port};ServerDataSource={Server Data Source};encrypted=1;Ciphersuites={Cipher Suite};CustomProperties=(AccountID={Account Id};RoleID={Role Id})

    For example:

  5. Click Test Connection, then save your details.