Adding Actions to Analyses

You can use an action link to add actions to a column heading, column value, or hierarchy level value in an analysis.

For example, in the Brand Revenue analysis, you can include an action that contains an action link to an Opportunity Detail web site. Sale consultants can query the site for an opportunity by responding to a prompt for Opportunity Name or Opportunity ID.

  1. Open the analysis for editing.
  2. On the Criteria tab, open the Options menu for a column and select Column Properties.
  3. Click the Interaction tab.
  4. In the Primary Interaction box in the Column Heading area or the Value area, select Action Links.
  5. Click Add Action Link.
    If actions have been saved as systemwide defaults for the column or level, select New Action Link.
  6. In the Link Text field, enter the text you want the link to display.
  7. Create a new action or select an existing action for this link:
    • To create a new action, click Create New Action, select the type of action you want, and specify the settings for the action.
    • Alternatively, click Select existing action , select the action you want, and specify any associated parameters in the Edit Parameter Mapping dialog.
  8. Click OK.
  9. To add another action, repeat steps 5 to 7.
  10. Optionally, select Do not display in a popup if only one action link is available at runtime.
    If a single action link is available the link displays immediately rather than in a menu.
  11. Select Enable on Totals when each of the following applies:
    • The analysis contains a total or grand total.
    • The associated column contains an action link.
    • You want the action link to be applied to both the column and the total or grand total.
    This option doesn’t apply to column heading action links and by default, this behavior is turned off.
  12. Click OK and save the analysis.