Adding Advanced Analytics to Visualizations

Advanced analytics are statistical functions that you apply to enhance the data displayed in visualizations. Examples of advanced analytics functions are Clusters, Outliers, and Trend Lines.

As well as the Analytics menu options available in the user interface, you can also use analytics functions to create your own calculated columns that reference statistical scripts. See Evaluate_Script in Analytics Functions.

You can easily apply advanced analytics functions to a project to augment its visualizations. For example, you can use advanced analytics to highlight outliers or overlay trendlines.


Before you can use analytic functions in Data Visualization, you must create a project or visualization to which you can apply one or more analytic functions.

Using Analytic Functions

  1. To display the available analytic functions, click the Analytics icon from the menu.

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  2. Apply a function to the chart by:

    • Drag and drop: Click an analytic function from the menu and drag it either to the Explore pane, or onto the Visualize canvas.

    • Right-click: Right-click anywhere on a visualization, and select an analytic function from the menu.