Adding Data from External Sources to Analyses

You can introduce your own external sources directly into a production reporting environment without having to change the data model. External data is automatically conformed to the curated enterprise data. Adding your own data is sometimes referred to as “mash-up.”

You can add data into an existing subject area or create a new analysis without a subject area that includes data from an external source. An analysis can contain no subject areas and one external subject area, or one subject area with multiple external subject areas. Subject areas and external subject areas have separate, distinct icons in the Criteria tab of the Analysis editor to help you identify them.

Tutorial icon Tutorial

  1. Open the analysis for editing.
  2. In the Criteria tab, click Add Data Source.
  3. In the dialog, select the file that contains the data to add and click Open.
  4. If the file contains multiple sheets, then select the sheet with the data to load and click OK.
  5. Edit the values in the Data Source Name and Description fields to be more meaningful to you.
  6. Select whether to add columns that add measures to facts or that extend dimensions by adding attributes.
  7. Preview a sample of the columns and values from the external source. Columns in the external source are automatically matched with the appropriate items in the data model. Note how columns are added as measures, as attributes, or matched with an existing column in the subject area.
  8. To exclude a column from being added, deselect the box beside the column name.


    A column that is unavailable and marked with a red information symbol is invalid and excluded from being added to the data source. You can hover over the symbol to learn the reason why the column is invalid.
  9. Click Load to accept the data associations applied automatically.
    Optionally, edit the associations manually.


To create an analysis that uses only data from an external source, on the Home page, click Create, select Analysis, and then select Add Data Source. Select the data to include.