Adding Prompts to Dashboard Pages

You can add a prompt to a dashboard or dashboard page.

For example, you can create a dashboard prompt for the Brand column. You add the prompt to the Sales Performance dashboard, to drive the content on the dashboard page. You add a filter for Brand that uses the "is prompted" operator to flag the column as ready to be filtered by a prompt. When the prompt is used, the results include only records where the data in the column that is prompted matches the user's choices. See About Prompted Filters.

  1. Open the dashboard for editing.
  2. In the Dashboard builder's Catalog pane, locate and drag and drop an object such as an analysis onto a section in the dashboard page.
  3. Add a new or pre-created prompt:
    • To add a new prompt, click New, then Dashboard Prompt, and follow the on-screen instructions.
    • To add a pre-created prompt, in the Dashboard builder's Catalog pane, locate and drag and drop the dashboard prompt onto a section in the dashboard page.

    The dashboard prompt is added to the dashboard page.

  4. To specify whether to include the prompt's Apply and Reset buttons on the dashboard page, in the toolbar of the Dashboard builder, click Tools. Then select Prompts Buttons on Current Page and either Apply Buttons or Reset Buttons, and one of the following options:
    Option Description

    Use Prompt Setting

    Uses the buttons as specified in the Prompt definition in the Prompt editor.

    Show All Apply Buttons or Show All Reset Buttons

    Shows the buttons for the prompts.

    Hide All Apply Buttons or Hide All Reset Buttons

    Hides the buttons for the prompts.


    These options apply to the dashboard page and override the settings for the Apply and Reset buttons for the prompt definition and dashboard properties with one exception. The settings aren’t overridden if the Prompts Apply Button and Prompts Reset Button fields on the Dashboard Properties dialog are set to Use page settings.

  5. Click Save in the dashboard toolbar.
  6. To preview the dashboard page, click Preview in the dashboard toolbar.