Adding a Spreadsheet from Your Computer

You can upload an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file located on your computer to use as a data source.

Before you add a spreadsheet as a data source, do the following:

  • Confirm that you have either an Excel spreadsheet in .XLSX format or a .CSV file to use as the data source.

  • For an Excel spreadsheet, ensure that it contains no pivoted data.

  • Understand how the spreadsheet needs to be structured for successful import. See About Adding a Spreadsheet as a Data Source.

  1. In the Data Sources page, click Data Source in the Create section.
    The Create New Data Source dialog is displayed.
  2. Click File and browse to select a suitable (unpivoted) XLSX file or a CSV file.
  3. Click Open to upload and open the selected spreadsheet in Data Visualization.
    The Create Source from dialog is displayed.
  4. Make any required changes to Name, Description, or to column attributes.
  5. Click OK to save your changes and create the data source.
  6. If a data source with the same name already exists:
    • Click Yes if you want to overwrite the existing data source.
    • Click No if you want to update the data source name.