Adjusting the Canvas Layout

You can adjust the look and feel of visualizations on the Visualize canvas to make them more visually attractive.

For example, you can create a visualization and then copy it to the canvas. You can then modify the data elements in the duplicated visualization, change the visualization type, and then resize it.
  • To customize the width and height pixels of the canvas on the project toolbar, click Canvas Settings or select a canvas tab and right-click, then select Canvas Properties. By default, the canvas is automatically sized based on the size of your browser window.
  • To add another canvas tab, go to the canvas tabs bar and select Add Canvas.
  • To delete a visualization from the canvas, right-click it and select Delete Visualization.
  • To rearrange a visualization on the canvas, drag and drop the visualization to the location (the space between visualizations) where you want it to go. The target drop area is displayed with a blue outline.
  • To resize a visualization, use your cursor to drag the edges to size it.
  • To copy a visualization on the canvas, right-click it and select Copy Visualization.
  • To paste a copied visualization on the canvas, right-click the canvas and select Paste Visualization.