Blending Data from External Sources to Analyses

You might have an analysis that includes data from a subject area and find that an external source includes data that enhances that subject area. You can blend the data from the external source with the subject area.

For example, the external source might contain new dimensions that extend the attributes of the subject area or new facts that you can use alongside the measures that already exist in the subject area. When you add data from external sources, data is matched automatically.

External dimensions are matched automatically where they share a common name and have a compatible data type with attributes in the subject area. You can also fine-tune the blending of the data from the external source into the subject area.

  1. In the Subject Areas pane, right-click the data and select Inspect.
  2. For each column, select either Match with, Add Measure, or Add Attribute. For matches, select the column in the subject area to match. For a measure that you’re uploading for the first time, specify its aggregation type such as Sum or Average.


    Columns with same name and same data type are matched automatically, however you can customize the matches to suit your reporting needs. You can select only those columns with a matching data type.
  3. To exclude a column from being added, deselect the box beside the column name.
  4. Click Update to confirm your changes.