Creating Database Connections

You can create connections to databases and use those connections to source data in projects.


  • If the database you want to connect to is deployed on a private IP network, you must provide information to Oracle Support so they can whitelist your database. Raise a service request with Oracle Support and include details about your database, such as database service name, domain, IP network, and IP address.

  • You can connect to Oracle Cloud databases deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Classic. You can't connect to databases deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. If you’re not sure, contact your Oracle Cloud services administrator.

  1. In the Data Sources page, go to the Create pane, and click Connection.
  2. In the Create New Connection dialog, click Oracle Database to create your connection.
  3. In the Add a New Connection dialog, enter a name for the connection, and then enter the required connection information, such as Host, Port, and so on.


    • The value in the Port field must be either 6200, 1521 to 1530, or 2484 to 2493.

    • The value in the Service Name field must be Oracle Database Cloud Service.

  4. Click Save.
    You can now begin creating data sources from the connection (that is, in the Data Sources page, go to the Create pane, and click Data Source, and select the database connection that you’re just created).