Creating Your First Analysis

You can quickly create an analysis to query against your organization's data. The analysis results help you answer your business questions. For example, you can create an analysis using the SampleApp subject area Brand and Revenue columns. You then review the results of the analysis to answer key business questions about the revenue generated by product brand.

  1. On the Home page, in the Create pane, click Analysis.
  2. Use the Select Source dialog to search for and select a subject area, then click Create Analysis.
  3. Optionally in the Subject Areas pane, click Sort Subject Area, then select A to Z to sort in ascending order. Select Z to A to sort in descending order. Select Sort in Saved Order to return the list order to its original state.
  4. Add the columns that you want to include in the analysis by dragging and dropping them from the Subject Areas pane to any position within the Selected Columns pane.


    You can select multiple non-contiguous columns by using the Ctrl key, selecting each column to include, and then dragging the columns to the Selected Columns pane.

  5. To change the column order, use the crosshairs on the column to drag and drop the column to a different position.
  6. To remove the column, use the Selected Columns pane, click Options beside the column name, and then click Delete.
    To remove all columns, click Remove all columns from criteria. Note that there is no undo action available for this option.


    Instead of removing columns, you can hide the columns whose appearance adds no value to the analysis. For information, see Setting Properties for Columns.

  7. Click the Results tab to see the results of the analysis in a table or pivot table.
  8. Click Save Analysis to display the dialog to save the analysis.
  9. In the Save As dialog, select a folder and specify a name and optional description for the analysis. If you want others to be able to view the analysis, then save it in the shared folder area. If you don’t want anyone else but yourself to be able to view the analysis, then save it in My Folders.
  10. Click Refresh at the bottom of the pane to double-check that the analysis is listed under the folder in which you saved it.