Editing and Deleting Action Links in Dashboard Pages

You can edit action links or delete those you don't want any more. For example, if the URL to an "Opportunity" site changes you can point to the new URL.

  1. Open the dashboard for editing.
  2. If the action and action link are associated with an action link menu:
    1. Click Properties for the action link menu.
    2. Make the appropriate changes to the menu label and caption.
    3. In the Action Links area, select the action you want and click Edit.
  3. To edit an action that isn’t part of a menu, click Properties for the action link.
  4. Update the action link.
  5. Click More and select Edit Action to edit the action.
  6. Edit the action and click OK.
  7. Click OK in the Action Link Properties dialog, and in the Action Link Menu Properties dialog (if displayed).
  8. Click Save.


Click Delete on the action link (or action link menu) toolbar to remove actions you don't want any more.