Editing Filters for Columns

You can edit an inline filter when you need to make changes to it. When you edit and save a named filter, the changes that you make to the filter propagate to wherever the filter is used.

For example, you can edit the filter for the Quarter column to include data for the "2010 Q1" quarter. This data is propagated to every analysis where the filter is applied.

  1. Display the Edit Filter dialog.

    For example, on the Saved Filter pane or in the Filters pane of the Criteria tab, hover the cursor over the filter, then click Edit Filter.

  2. In the Edit Filter dialog, change the selection for any of the options that are described in the following table:
    Option Description


    Select an operator to apply to the values that are specified in the Value field. The Operator list is populated based on the function that you’re performing (such as creating a filter or creating a dashboard prompt). It’s also populated based on the type of column that you selected.

    For example, you can choose is greater than to use only values greater than the value that you select in the Value list. If you select 100,000 from the Value list, then the filter uses values from the column that are greater than 100,000. You can use this information in an analysis to focus on products that are performing best.


    Specify a value or values from the list that contains members of the column that you select. You can also enter the value into the field manually or search.

    For example, suppose that you want to edit a filter that you have created for the Products column of an analysis. The Value field contains a list of products from the column. Depending on the operator that you chose, you can select one or more products to include in the analysis.

    Protect Filter

    Select this option to prevent prompts from overwriting the filter.

    Convert this Filter to SQL

    Select this option to convert the filter to a SQL WHERE clause that you can edit manually. After you convert a filter to SQL code, you can no longer view and edit the filter in the Edit Filter dialog.

  3. Click OK.