Editing Views

Each type of view has its own editor. The editors include both common functionality across views and view-specific functionality.

For example, you can edit a graph in a Brand Revenue analysis in the Graph editor to show the legend.

The following procedure provides general information on editing views.

  1. Open the analysis for editing.
  2. Click the Results tab.
  3. To edit the view, click Edit View.
  4. In the view editor (such as the Graph editor) make the appropriate edits, such as showing the legend.
    Editing Views More Information

    Specify which data elements are displayed on which axis, rows, columns, and so on.

    Drag and drop columns.

    Modifying the Layout of Data in Views.
    Associate data views such that one view drives changes in one or more other views. Linking Views in Master-Detail Relationships.
    Drag and drop named groups and named calculated items from the Catalog pane to the view. Manipulating Members Using Groups and Calculated Items.
    Customize the selection of data in the view. Refining Selections of Data.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Save the view. Click Save Analysis or Save As in the toolbar of the Results tab.