Emailing Reports and Tracking Deliveries

Email reports to anyone inside or outside the organization. Keep everyone up to date with daily or weekly reports.

Emailing Reports on a Weekly, Daily, or One-Time Basis

Email reports to one or more recipients directly from the catalog. It’s easy to distribute reports this way and quicker than downloading a report and mailing it from your email client. To keep everyone up to date, schedule daily or weekly emails.

  1. On the Classic home page, click Catalog.
    If you’re not on the Classic home page, first click Open Classic Home on the toolbar or navigator bar.
  2. Navigate to the item you want to email, click the More action menu, and select Email.
  3. Enter the email address for one or more recipients.
    Separate multiple email addresses with a comma. For example:,
  4. Customize the Subject line.
  5. Send the email Now or click Later to set a date and time in the future.
  6. To email report updates on a daily or weekly basis, click Repeat and then select Daily or Weekly.
You can check the status of email deliveries from the Console. See Tracking the Reports You Distribute by Email.

Tracking the Reports You Distribute by Email

Track the reports you’ve chosen to send to people by email from the Console. Quickly see when reports were sent and which items are pending. Review, change, or delete your deliveries (scheduled or completed) from the same page.

  1. Click Console.
  2. Click Deliveries.
  3. To filter email deliveries by name, start typing the name of the delivery you’re looking for in the search box.
    Or click Today, if you want to see which reports are scheduled for delivery today.
    You can also filter by delivery status. Click the Filter icon and select one or more from: Error, Success, Warning, In Progress, Rescheduled, Timed Out, Canceled, Pending.
  4. To edit delivery details, select Edit Delivery from the Actions menu.
  5. To delete a delivery that is pending, select Delete Delivery, then Delete Delivery (and remove history) from the Actions menu.
  6. To delete delivery information, select Delete Delivery, then Delete All History (for this delivery) from the Actions menu.
    Use this option to remove historical information that you don't want to see any more.

Email Security Alert

Content that you send by email isn’t encrypted. It's your responsibility to safeguard any sensitive data that you send.