Embedding Your Content in Other Applications

You can embed your reports, visualizations, and dashboards in other applications and portals. This is a good way to share content and data among multiple systems.

Note: To embed content, you must have single sign-on implemented. For security reasons you can't include user credentials in the content URL.
  1. Whitelist the domain name to which you want to link. For example, to link to URLs for myportal.com, whitelist *.myportal.com.
    You need to be an administrator to do this. See Whitelisting Safe Domains.
  2. Obtain the URL of the report, dashboard, or visualization that you want to embed.
    1. Go to the Catalog and open the report, dashboard, or visualization.
    2. Copy the URL displayed in the browser’s address bar.
      Content Catalog Object URL
      Reports http://example.com:14904/analytics/saw.dll?PortalGo&path=%2Fusers%2F1230305.service1.admin%40mytenant.com%2FRevenue
      Dashboards http://example.com:14904/analytics/saw.dll?Portal&PortalPath=%2Fcompany_shared%2FSampleApp%2F_portal%2FSample%20Dashboard&page=Top%20Products
      Data Visualization Projects http://example.com:14904/va/project.jsp?reportpath=%2Fusers%2F1230305.service1.admin%40mytenant.com%2FSales
  3. Sign in to the target application or portal, then embed the content inside an iFrame and use the copied URL.
    Refer to your target application’s documentation for detailed instructions on how to do embed URLs.