Exploring Data Without Authoring

This topic covers how authors can interact with others in projects without worrying about non-authors compromising the data.

Investigating Data Using Interactions

Project content authors can interact with view-only users in projects while still maintaining project integrity. View-only users have an optimized view of the project data without seeing the clutter of unnecessary authoring content controls.

View-only users can’t perform authoring tasks such as creating projects, modifying data, editing visualizations, or modifying canvas layouts, so those controls aren’t displayed to them while they are investigating project content.

However, view-only users can still:


View-only users can also use presentation mode to look at projects in an even more simplified mode, without the header, and with the filter bar controls limited to opening and editing the existing filter selections only. See Viewing Streamlined Content.

Viewing Streamlined Content

You can use the presentation mode to view a project and its visualizations without the visual clutter of the canvas toolbar and authoring options.

Presentation mode allows you to easily share a streamlined view of the project with other users who need the information, but don’t author the content. In presentation mode, view-only users can hide, open, and edit current filter selections, and explore stories, insights, and discussions, but they can’t change anything. A view-only user can toggle the presentation mode on and off.


In the project editor, click the Filter Panel toggle icon to collapse the filter bar before starting the presentation mode. You can hide the filters bar to maximize the canvas space and provide a cleaner view of the project’s visualizations.
  1. On the canvas toolbar, click Presentation Mode.

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    The project is displayed in presentation mode.

  2. To return to the interaction mode, click Presentation Mode.

    See Investigating Data Only Using Interactions.