Finding and Exploring Your Content

You can find the reports and other items that you access frequently on the Home page and in the catalog.

The catalog contains content that you or someone else defined and saved for future use (such as projects, analyses and dashboards). You can search your content to find something that you want to work with or change. You can edit items, share them with others, access their properties, and so on. For example, a sales analyst needs to use an analysis to track the weekly sales of a specific beverage brand in the Central and Eastern regions. The catalog administrator gives the analyst the appropriate permissions for completing tasks on the targeted content.

  1. From the Home page, use the following options to locate the content that you are interested in.
    Option Description

    Find content or visualize data

    Specify the full or partial name of the item or folder that you are looking for. The search is case-insensitive.
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    Enter an asterisk (*) in the search string to perform a wildcard search. The asterisk specifies zero or more alphanumeric characters within the name. For example, to search for objects that have the word "brand" in their name, specify br*.


    Use the Display options to display your recently accessed content.

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    The Navigator option displays alternative ways to access commonly used features.

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  2. Click an item to open that item.