Improving the Time to Display Dashboard Pages with Default Selections

You can improve the time that it takes to display dashboard pages.

Under certain circumstances, dashboard pages might take several moments to display in a browser. When the pages are displayed, they might show the values that users had wanted to see in analyses based on the selection of prompts. You can enable users to specify prompt values (rather than using default prompt values) before analyses content is displayed on dashboard pages. This confirmation in displaying content initially improves the wait time for displaying the page with default prompt selections. The content of analyses isn’t displayed on the page until the user responds to prompts. Other objects (such as dashboard prompts, text, and so on) are displayed

For example, you can prompt for which regions to include before displaying the Brand Revenue analysis on the Sales Performance dashboard page.

When you prompt users for values before displaying analyses, the following occurs:

  • A message is displayed at the top of the page, which indicates that the page isn’t fully loaded. The message also instructs the user to select prompt values and click Continue. Clicking Continue displays the content on the page using the prompt values that the user specifies. If the user doesn’t specify any prompt values, then the analysis is displayed with default prompt values.

  • The page displays static information about the objects that haven’t yet been displayed. The information includes the object name, an icon that represents the object view, the view name, and the object description (if available).

  • On the Page Options menu (displayed from Page Options on the Dashboard page toolbar), all options except Edit Dashboard are disabled.

  • The Apply button on dashboard prompts isn’t displayed. Instead any prompt values are applied automatically when the user clicks Continue.

  1. Open the dashboard for editing.
  2. Click Tools and select Dashboard Properties.

    The Dashboard Properties dialog is displayed.

  3. Locate the page in the Dashboard Pages area and select Prompt before Opening.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save.