Linking to Dashboard Pages

You can create links to dashboard pages so that you can easily enable other users to display those pages.

For example, you can create a link to the Sales Performance dashboard and send the link to team members in an email.


About Bookmark Links

A bookmark link is a URL that captures the path to a dashboard page and all aspects of the page state.

After you create a bookmark link, you can:

  • Save the link as a bookmark so that you can return to the exact same page content at a later time.

  • Copy and send the link to other users who then can view the exact same content that you’re viewing. They can do this providing they have the same permissions as you and have access to the page.

When you create a bookmark link, the state of a dashboard page is saved in the catalog as a hidden bookmark object. The default number of days to save the object is 30.

Creating Links to Dashboard Pages

You can create links to dashboard pages.

  1. Open the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the page for which you want to create the link.
  3. From the Page Options menu, select Create Bookmark Link.


    You can drill in an analysis that has been set to replace the dashboard with the new results. You can do the replacement rather than showing the new results directly in the dashboard. In this case, the Create Bookmark Link option is displayed as a link below the new results. The option isn’t displayed on the Page Options menu.

The link is displayed in the Address Bar of the browser. If the link is a bookmark link, then you can save it as a bookmark or copy and send it to other users.