Running a Data Flow

You can run a saved data flow to create a corresponding data source or to refresh the data in the data source created from the data flow.

Currently you must manually run the data flow to create or refresh the corresponding data source. For existing data sources, run the data flow if you know the columns and data from the data source used to build the data flow have changed.
  1. In the Data Sources page, go to the Display pane, click the Data Flows link, and locate the data flow that you want to run.
  2. Click the data flow’s Options icon and select Run. Note the following information:
    • To run a saved data flow, you must specify a Save Data step as its final step. To add this step to the data flow, click the data flow’s Options icon and select Open. After you’ve added the step, save the data flow and try to run it again.
    • When running a data flow to create a database data source, set the database’s query mode to Live. Setting the query mode to Live allows the data flow to access data from the database (versus the data cache) and pushes any expensive operations such as joins to the database. See Managing Data Sources.
    • When running a data flow to update a database data source, the data used is as specified in the source database’s query mode. If the query mode is Auto, then cached data is used. If the query mode is set to Live, then the data flow gets data directly from the database.
    • Complex data flows take longer to run. While the data flow is running, you can go to and use other parts of the application, and then come back to the Data Flows pane to check the status of the data flow.
    • You can cancel a long-running data flow. To do so, go to the Data Flows pane, click the data flow’s Options icon and select Cancel.
    • If it’s the first time you’ve run the data flow, then a new data source is created and you can find it in the Display pane of the Data Source page by clicking All Data Sources. The data source contains the name that you specify on the data flow’s Save Data step. If you’ve run the data flow before, then the resulting data source already exists and its data is refreshed.