Exporting a Visualization, Canvas, or Story

You can export one or more of your project's visualizations, canvases, or stories as a Portable Document Format (PDF) or PowerPoint (PPT) file.

  1. Create or open a data visualization project.
  2. Select the visualization you want to export and click Menu or right-click and click Share, then select As PDF or As PPT. Alternatively, click Share Project (Save, Print, Export) on the project toolbar and select Export as PDF or Export as PPT.
  3. In the Export as PDF or Export as PPT dialog specify the paper size and orientation. You also have to select either to include all the canvas or story, or only a single canvas or story in the file.
  4. Click Export as PDF or Export as PPT to open the Save File dialog.
  5. In Save File dialog, change the file name, making sure to include the file extension, and browse to the location where you want to save the file.
  6. Click Save.