Typical Workflow for Building Dashboards

Here are the common tasks to start building dashboards.

Task Description More Information

Create multiple analyses

Build analyses on which you can create views that you display on a dashboard.

Creating Your First Analysis

Create a dashboard

Create a dashboard to display data from analysis.

Creating Your First Dashboard

Add content to a dashboard page

Add content to dashboard pages to display items such as views and prompts.

Adding Content to Dashboard Pages

Add prompts to dashboard pages

Add prompts to dashboard pages to drive the content on the pages.

Adding Prompts to Dashboard Pages

Add pages to a dashboard

Optionally add one or more pages to the dashboard to display the data in various ways.

Adding Pages to Dashboards

Recall personal settings for dashboards

Create customizations that enable you to view pages in their current state or with your favorite choices already selected.

Recalling Personalized Settings

Run the dashboard Click Run.