Using Mammoth to Install a One-Off Patch

One-off patch bundles provide a fix to specific bugs in one or more releases. You use Mammoth to apply the patch to your cluster.

To install a one-off patch bundle: 
  1. Download the patch bundle from the Automated Release Update (ARU) system to a directory such as /tmp on the first node of the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service cluster.

    The file is named The examples in this procedure use the name

  2. Unzip the file. For example:
    # unzip
       creating: BDA-patch-4.3.0-123456/
      inflating: BDA-patch-4.3.0-123456/ 
      inflating: BDA-patch-4.3.0-123456/README.txt
  3. Change to the patch directory created in Step 2. For example:
    $ cd BDA-patch-4.3.0-123456
  4. Extract the contents of the run file. For example:
    $ ./
    Big Data Appliance one-off patch 123456 for v4.3.0 Self-extraction
    Removing existing temporary files
    Generating /tmp/BDA-patch-4.3.0-123456.tar
    Verifying MD5 sum of /tmp/BDA-patch-4.3.0-123456.tar
    /tmp/BDA-patch-4.3.0-123456.tar MD5 checksum matches
    Extracting /tmp/BDA-patch-4.3.0-123456.tar to /opt/oracle/BDAMammoth/patches/123456
    Removing temporary files
    Please "cd /opt/oracle/BDAMammoth" before running "./mammoth -p 123456"
  5. Change to the BDAMammoth directory:
    $ cd /opt/oracle/BDAMammoth
  6. Install the patch. For example:
    $ ./mammoth -p 123456

    Alternatively, you can use the bdacli command. See Use bdacli to Patch Software and to Display Configuration Information.