Create Work Queues

Work queues are configured and available by default when a cluster is created. You can also create new work queues.


You can’t delete a queue after it’s been created. This has implications for the capacity distribution between queues, because queue capacity also can’t be set to zero (0).
To create a work queue:
  1. Open the cluster console for the cluster. See Access the Big Data Cloud Console.
  2. Click Settings.

    The Queues page is displayed, listing the current queues and their configurations. Preemption is either enabled or disabled (on or off). This value was set when the cluster was created and cannot be changed. If preemption is enabled, jobs can't consume more resources than a specific queue allows. If preemption is disabled, jobs can consume more resources than a queue allows, but could lose those resources when another job comes in that has priority for those resources.

  3. Click New Queue.

    A row for the new queue is added to the list of queues.

  4. In the Queue Name field, enter the name for the queue.
  5. In the Capacity field, specify queue capacity, making note of the explanatory information on the page and changing capacity as necessary. Total capacity of all queues cannot exceed 100%. You won’t be able to create the new queue if total capacity exceeds 100.
  6. Click Save. Once the queue is configured, new jobs can be assigned to it.