Manage Notebook Settings

You can restart the notebook server (Zeppelin) if you notice data is cached or you encounter other issues with notes. You can also configure interpreters for notebooks. Interpreters are bindings for how code should be interpreted and where it should be submitted for execution.

To restart notebooks and configure interpreters:
  1. Open the cluster console for the cluster. See Access the Big Data Cloud Console.
  2. Click Settings, then click the Notebook tab.

    For information about the details on the page, see Big Data Cloud Console: Settings Page.

  3. To restart the notebook server, click Restart.

    The current Zeppelin job is terminated and a new Zeppelin job is launched in the cluster. Any parameter or configuration changes also take effect.

  4. To configure interpreters:
    • Click Edit to change interpreter settings. Modify the values, then click Save.

    • Click Restart to restart an interpreter, then click OK to confirm the action.