Run a Note

You can run an entire note, or just specific paragraphs.

To run all or part of a note:
  1. Open the cluster console for the desired cluster. See Access the Big Data Cloud Console.
  2. Click Notebook.

    The Notebook page is displayed, listing any notes created for this notebook.

  3. Click the link for the note or, from the Menu icon menu for the note, click View Note.

    The note is displayed.

  4. Click the Run icon icon to run all paragraphs in the note, or to run specific paragraphs.

    The note or paragraph runs and the output is displayed.

If your code produces visualizations, there are many ways you can explore and analyze your results.

Also explore the actions you can perform using the note and paragraph icons. You can:

  • Show and hide the code editor

  • Show and hide results

  • Clear results

  • Export the note

  • Use keyboard shorcuts

  • Bind interpreters and change the default interpreter