Upload Files Into HDFS

You can upload files into HDFS using the Big Data Cloud Console (cluster console) or Apache Ambari. Data stored in HDFS is lost once a cluster is terminated.

Upload Files Into HDFS Using the Cluster Console

  1. Open the console for a cluster. See Access the Big Data Cloud Console.

  2. Click Data Stores.

    The Data Stores page is displayed. For information about the details on this page, see Big Data Cloud Console: Data Stores Page.

  3. Click HDFS.

  4. Navigate among directories and use the HDFS browser as desired:

    • Click New Directory to add a new directory.

    • Click Upload to browse for and upload a file. The upload limit is 100 MB.

    • Use the Menu icon menu for a directory or file to view details, delete, or download.

Upload Files Into HDFS Using Ambari

To upload files using Ambari:

  1. Access the cluster by using Ambari. See Access Big Data Cloud Using Ambari.

  2. In the Ambari management console, browse HDFS and upload files using Ambari Files View.

    For detailed information, see documentation that describes how to browse HDFS using Ambari Files View. Those steps are not provided here.