About Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service Features

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service provides a rich variety of features that let you save time and money.

Listed below are some of the key features:
  • Data ingestion

  • Cleansing

  • Statistical profiling

  • Semantic indexing

  • Metadata enrichment

  • Cross-source enrichment

  • Blending

  • Custom reference knowledge importing

Profile metrics and visualizations are important features of Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service. When a data set is ingested, you have visual access to the profile results and summary of each column that was profiled, and the results of duplicate entity analysis completed on your entire data set.

Visualize governance tasks on the service Home page with easily understood runtime metrics, data health reports, and alerts. Keep track of your transforms and ensure that files are processed correctly. See the entire data pipeline, from ingestion to enrichment and publishing, including automated execution and discovery of sensitive data.

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service also lets you to publish your enriched data by scheduling and executing a service, where you can specify the target of your choice and the frequency or schedule on which your data set is exported.