Uploading Your Data

Upload the files that you use to create your transforms to any Oracle Storage Cloud Service or Hadoop distributed file system. You can upload excel files or comma separated values (CSV) files.

To upload your data:

  1. On the Home page, click Upload Data, or from the Catalog page, click Upload.
    The Upload page appears.
  2. Click the Select button located next to the Source field.
    The Select dialog box appears.
  3. From the Source drop-down list, click the source where you want to upload the data.
    A list of directories for the selected source appears in the Select Directory field.
  4. In the Select Directory field, go to the directory where you want your local data file to be uploaded, select the directory, and then click OK.
  5. Click the Browse button located next to the File field to select the file that you want to upload. A file browser appears.
  6. In your local file system, go to the file(s) that you want to upload, select the file(s), and then click Open. The file browser closes and the File field displays the selected file(s).
  7. Click Upload.
    A confirmation message appears when your data file is uploaded. The selected file is uploaded to the selected source.
  8. Click OK.

    You can now use this file as a basis to create new transforms.

    If you want to upload another file, then click Upload again. When you finish uploading your files, go back to the Catalog page.