Viewing and Applying Recommendations

When you create a transform, Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service suggests a list of recommendations to repair or enrich your data. Select the recommendations that you want to include in your transform script.

To view and apply recommendations:
  1. On the main authoring page, click the RecommendationsRecommendations icon.
    If there are any recommendations, then the button displays the number of recommendations that are available.
    A drop-down list of the available recommendations appears.
  2. Select a row from the drop-down list.
    The Recommendations panel on the bottom left corner shows the recommendations for the transform column that you selected. The data table selection changes to the column that you selected.
  3. Select a recommendation from the Recommendations panel, and click the Accept Accept icon next to the recommendation to apply it.
    The recommended change is applied to the transform script and the list of recommendations is updated.
  4. Repeat this procedure until you’re satisfied with the transform.