Viewing Jobs

View and sort publish jobs on the Policies page.

To view a list of successful, running, pending, and failed jobs:
  1. Go to the Jobs page.
    The list of successful, running, pending, and failed jobs appears on the Jobs page.

    The following information is listed for each job:

    • Job Id: The default identification number assigned by the service to your transform.

    • Name: The alphanumeric designation that you assigned to your transform.

    • Status: The status of the job.

      • Succeeded: The transform was executed.

      • Running: The transform is under way.

      • Pending: The transform hasn’t started yet. A transform is listed as “pending” if it’s scheduled to execute at a future date or time.

      • Failed: The transform failed to run or run completely.

    • Start Time: The date and time for when the transform was executed.

    • End Time: The date and time for when the transform was stopped.

    • User: The name of the user who executed the policy.

    • Rows: The total number of rows transformed in the job.

    • Transforms: The total number of data entities transformed in the job.

    • Errors: The total number of errors in the job.

  2. Change the view of the job lists in the following ways:
    • To search for a specific job, in the Search field, enter a job identification number (ID) or job name.
    • To filter job lists by a specific time slice, from the top banner, select 30 days, 7 days, or 24 hours.
    • To filter jobs with a specific category, from the Show drop-down list, select Succeeded, Running, Pending, or Failed.
    • To sort job lists, from the Sort By drop-down list, select Date or Name.
    • If your job doesn’t appear right away, at the top of the Jobs page, click the Refresh icon Refresh.