Send Requests

Use the following guidelines when sending requests using the Oracle Blockchain Platform REST API.

URL Structure

Access the Oracle Blockchain Platform REST resources using the following URL structure:
  • <rest_server_url:port> is the URL for the REST proxy which is listed in the Oracle Blockchain Platform console.

    In the console, open the Nodes page and look for the REST proxy node. In the Route column, a URL including port will be listed.

  • <resource-path>: Relative path that defines the REST endpoint. For example: /restproxy/api/v2/channels/{channelId}/chaincode-queries

    For a complete list of REST endpoints, see All REST Endpoints.

Supported Methods

You can perform basic transaction-related operations on Oracle Blockchain Platform using standard HTTP method requests, as summarized in the following table.

HTTP Method Description
GET Retrieve information about a resource on the Blockchain Platform.
POST Invoke a transaction on the Blockchain Platform, or create a new Blockchain Platform object.
PATCH Update the Blockchain Platform. The PATCH method supplies a set of instructions to modify the resource.
PUT Replace a resource on the Blockchain Platform. The PUT method uses the request URI to supply a modified version of the requested resource which replaces the original version of the resource.
DELETE Delete a resource on the Blockchain Platform.

Media Types

The following media types are supported by the Oracle Blockchain Platform REST API:

  • application/json

Supported Headers

The Oracle Blockchain Platform REST API supports the following headers that may be passed in the header section of the HTTP request or response.

Header Description Example
Content-Type Media type of the body of the request. Required for POST and PUT requests. Content-Type: application/json