Find and Understand Your Oracle Blockchain Platform Version Number

Use this topic to find and understand your Oracle Blockchain Platform instance's version number and the date it was created, upgraded, or patched.

  1. Go to the console and in the top right of the screen, locate and click your user name.
  2. Select About.
    Your instance's version number will look similar to:
    • 19.1.3 is the Oracle Blockchain Platform version number.

    • 13 is the Hyperledger Fabric version that your Oracle Blockchain Platform instance is using and supports (for example, 1.3).

    • 1901280854 is the Oracle Blockchain Platform date and time when your instance was created or patched. The first six numbers indicate a date (for example, 190128 means January 28, 2019) and the last four numbers indicate time (for example, 0854 means 08:54).