Modify the Console Timeout Setting

The Oracle Blockchain Platform console attempts to contact the nodes on the network for 600,000 microseconds before it times out.

In most cases you won’t have to adjust this setting, but if the console is frequently not responding, then consider increasing the timeout value. Oracle doesn’t recommend decreasing the timeout value.
  1. Go to the console and select the Nodes tab.
  2. In the Nodes tab go to the nodes table and locate the console node. Use the nodes table’s type column to find the Console node.
  3. Click the node’s More Actions menu and then click Edit Configuration.
    The Configure dialog is displayed.
  4. In the Request timeout (ms) field, type or use the arrow buttons to indicate the timeout length in milliseconds.
  5. Click Submit.
    The timeout length changes immediately, and you don’t have to restart the console.