What Are Chaincode Samples?

Oracle Blockchain Platform includes chaincode samples written in Go and Node.js to help you learn how to implement and manage your network’s chaincodes.

To get to the Chaincode Samples page in the Oracle Blockchain Platform console, open the Developer Tools tab and select Samples.

The Chaincode Samples page contains:

  • The Balance Transfer sample is a simple chaincode representing two parties with account balances and operations to query the balances and transfer funds between parties.

  • The Marbles sample includes a chaincode to create marbles where each marble has a color and size attribute. You can assign a marble to an owner and enable operations to query status and trade marbles by name or color between owners.

  • The Car Dealer sample includes a chaincode to manage the production, transfer, and querying of vehicle parts; the vehicles assembled from these parts; and transfer of the vehicles.

    In this sample, a large auto maker and its dealers and buyers have created a blockchain network to streamline its supply chain activities. Blockchain helps them reduce the time required to reconcile issues with the vehicle and parts audit trail.

Use the Download sample here links under each sample to download the sample chaincode. The download contains the Go and Node.js versions of the chaincode.

The download also contains a Java version of the chaincode.

For information about installing, instantiating, and invoking the samples on your instance, see Explore Oracle Blockchain Platform Using Samples.