Manage Chaincode Versions

(Hyperledger Fabric v2.2.4) Each chaincode that you deploy or upgrade consists of a chaincode package and a chaincode definition.

  1. Go to the console and select the Channels tab.
  2. Select the channel that you want to inspect and then click Deployed Chaincodes.
    The deployed chaincodes summary table lists the names and versions of the chaincodes deployed to the channel.
  3. Click the More Actions menu icon for a chaincode and then click View Chaincode Definition to see the chaincode definition, including the endorsement policy and private data collections.
  4. Click a package ID. The Installed Peers Summary page is displayed, showing which peers the package is installed on. You can click the peer to view more information about it.
  5. Click the Deployed on Channels pane to see all of the channels the chaincode is deployed on. You can click a channel to view more information about it.
    From this pane, you can click Deploy on a New Channel to deploy the chaincode package to a different channel, or to the same channel using a different chaincode definition.