Why Should I Use Blockchain?

Implementing blockchain can help you manage and bring efficiency to many aspects of your business practices.

The key benefits of using a blockchain are:

Increase Business Velocity — You can create a trusted network for business-to-business transactions and extend and automate your operations beyond the enterprise. With blockchain, you can optimize business decisions by providing real-time information visibility across your company's ecosystem.

Reduce Operation Costs — Use blockchain to accelerate transactions and eliminate cumbersome offline reconciliations by using a trusted shared fabric of common information. Blockchains help you eliminate intermediaries and related costs, possible single points of failure, and time delay by using a peer to peer business network.

Reduce the cost of fraud and regulatory compliance — Blockchain allows you to gain the security of knowing that business critical records are made tamper-proof with securely replicated, cryptographically linked blocks that protect against single point of failure and insider tampering.