Viewing Reports for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Locate and view OCI reports on the Reports page.

Oracle CASB Cloud Service offers predefined reports for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You can run these reports from the Reports page.

You also can create a custom report from scratch using the report builder.

If any report shows unusual activity for a user, you can check the Users page to see whether the user has also been flagged as being high risk. You also can search the Risk Events page for additional events in which the user or administrator is implicated.

Report Name Description

CASB Security Controls exceptions

Shows information on CASB Security Control exceptions that prevent certain OCI objects from being monitored.

CASB Security Control template attachment

Shows information on the template each OCI compartments uses.

IAM User API Keys age report

Shows key state and rollover status for API keys

KMS key rotation

Shows a list of KMS keys and the key age for compartments under a registered tenancy.

Objects encrypted using KMS key

Shows the list of OCI objects and the keys that are using

Privileged IAM changes - Group membership

Shows information on users added to, or removed from groups

Privileged IAM changes - Users and Groups

Shows information on actions targeting users and groups

Public buckets

Shows information on public buckets

Swift passwords report

Shows information on swift passwords

User activity report

This automates the report that you could generate in Report Builder, by filtering for Application = OCI.

To view reports for OCI

  1. Select Reports from the Navigation menu. If the Navigation Menu is not displayed, click the Navigation Menu icon Image of the Navigation Menu icon. to display it.
  2. Scroll to the section of report names that start with "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:" and click anywhere in the row for the report you want to run.
  3. Click View log data to see the raw log data for the issue.