Creating Resources

Configure the cloud resources that Oracle Cloud Stack provisions when your template is used to create a stack.

For an introduction, see What are Resources.

The Template Builder in Oracle Cloud Stack provides a canvas to help you visualize and configure the resources in your template. It also provides an interface to help construct expressions and to invoke functions.

  1. Access the Oracle Cloud Stack console, and then edit your template.
  2. To the left of Resources, click Grey arrow.

    The console displays a list of resource types that are available to your cloud account.

  3. Identity the resource type that you want to add to the template. If necessary, use the Search field above Resources.
  4. Perform one of the following actions:
    • Drag and drop the resource onto the canvas on the right side of the console.
    • To the right of the resource, click Add resource to canvas Plus icon.

    By default, the new resource is given a randomly generated identifier.

  5. Either click the resource on the canvas, or right-click it and select Edit.
  6. Using the text field at the top of the dialog, update the identifier for the resource.
  7. Edit the parameter values for this resource. Click the text area to the right of the parameter name, and then choose from one of the following options:
    • Enter a static value, such as myusername or 10.
    • Use the GetParam function to assign the value of a template parameter. For example, 'Fn::GetParam': dbPassword

    • Use the GetAtt function to assign the value of another resource’s attribute. Enter the resource name and the attribute name as a YAML sequence. For example, 'Fn::GetAtt': [dbresource, connectionString]

      Refer to the REST API documentation for this type of cloud resource in order to identity its attributes. See List of Resource Types.


    Place your cursor over a parameter’s name to view its description.

    All required parameters for this resource type are displayed in bold and have the text (required) beside their names. All other parameters are optional. To hide all optional parameters, select Show Only Required.

    You can search for specific parameters by name.

    To configure a parameter whose value is an array, to the right of the parameter name, click Add a parameter to this array Plus icon.

  8. Click Apply Changes.
  9. Repeat from step 2 for each additional resource that you want to create in this template.
  10. Click Save the current template Save icon.

If you are ready to use your template, see Publishing a Template.

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