Add Users

Before using your system, you need to add users, either by importing them or creating them individually.

If your company uses single sign-on (SSO), you’ll want to enable SSO before adding users. See Enable Single Sign-On (SSO).

To add users:

  1. If you're not already in the Oracle Identity Cloud Service Console:
    1. Sign in to Oracle Cloud as the cloud account administrator. You can find your account name and login information in your welcome email.
    2. In the Infrastructure Console, click Navigation menu icon on the top left to open the navigation menu, click Identity, then click Federation. You might need to use the scroll bar on the left to scroll down to see the menu option.
    3. On the Federation page, click the link to the Oracle Identity Cloud Service Console. The IDCS Console opens in a new window.
  2. In the IDCS Console, click Navigation menu icon, and then click Users.
  3. Add users using one of the following methods:
    • To import users, you need to a create comma-separated values (CSV) file, and then click Import. See Importing User Accounts in Administering Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
    • To create a user, click Add. See Creating User Accounts in Administering Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

When you add users, they'll receive two emails—one asking them to activate their Oracle Cloud account, and one welcoming them to Oracle Content and Experience. The Oracle Cloud user account must be activated before the link expires so it can be used. You can send another invitation if necessary.

Next, assign your users to groups to give them the appropriate roles and permissions.