Create a Compartment for Oracle Content Management

Compartments are used to organize cloud resources for the purposes of isolation (separating one project or business unit from another), access (through the use of policies), and measuring usage and billing. A common approach is to create a compartment for each major part of your organization (for example, Sales, Human Resources, and so on).

When you create an Oracle Content Management instance, you'll be asked to select a compartment. For security reasons, Oracle strongly recommends creating and using a new storage compartment rather than using the existing root storage compartment.

To create a new compartment for Oracle Content Management:

  1. Sign in to Oracle Cloud as the cloud account administrator. You can find your account name and login information in your welcome email.
  2. In the Oracle Cloud Console, click Navigation menu icon,on the top left to open the navigation menu, click Identity & Security, then, under Identity, click Compartments.
  3. On the Compartments page, click Create Compartment.
  4. Enter a name and description for the compartment. Make clear in your name and description the purpose of the compartment, whether it's specifically for Oracle Content Management, for a project, for a department, or some other purpose.
  5. Click Create Compartment.

    The newly created compartment may not be available to you immediately. If you don’t see it included in selection lists, try again a little later.

You don't need to create a new compartment for every instance. You can use the same compartment for multiple instances.

What to Do Next

After creating your compartment, perform any necessary advanced pre-deployment tasks or skip right to creating your instance: