I need to reassign someone’s files

When people leave your organization or change roles, you might want to assign their files and folders to someone else and add their storage quota back to the total quota you have available for assignments. You can assign a person’s entire library of content to someone else. The content appears as a folder in the new user’s root folder. All of the sharing actions, such as members and public links, remain intact.
  1. After you sign in to the Oracle Content and Experience web application as an administrator, click System in the Administration area of the navigation menu.

  2. In the System menu, click Users.
  3. Find the user whose files you want to transfer using one of the following methods:
    • To find an active user, on the Search tab enter part of the user name, display name, or email address in the text box and click Search. Open the user properties by clicking the user name or clicking Edit next to the user.
    • To find a deprovisioned user, click the Deprovisioned Users tab. You see a list of all users who have been removed from your organization's system, sorted by name. This list is refreshed on a regular basis, but you can also update it manually by clicking Sync Profile Data.

      To download a CSV file of all deleted users, click Export Deprovisioned Users.

  4. Click Transfer Ownership. For active users, the button is at the bottom of the properties. For deprovisioned users, click the button next to the user you want.
  5. Enter part of the user name, display name, or email address of the person who will receive the content and click Search.
  6. Select the user you want to transfer the content to. A message shows that the content will increase the recipient's quota by the amount of content being transferred. It also shows you how much storage will be released back into the total quota you have available.
  7. Click Transfer. The content is transferred and the list shows that the deprovisioned account is gone.

Alternatively, for deprovisioned users, you can delete the content. On the Deprovisioned Users tab, next to the user whose content you want to delete, click Delete Content.

Users can also transfer ownership of their own folders.