Manage Users with Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Before using your system, you need to add users and probably enable single sign-on (SSO). As you continue to use your system, you’ll need to add and remove users or change some of their settings. For example, if someone changes departments, you might need to change their role, or if someone leaves your organization, you need to remove them from the system.

If you need to manage Oracle Content Management specific user settings, you can do so on the Users page in System administration.


If you're using Oracle Content Management Starter Edition, you're limited to only five users. To increase the number of users and take advantage of the full feature set, upgrade to the Premium Edition.

To manage users:

  1. Sign in to Oracle Cloud as the cloud account administrator. You can find your account name and login information in your welcome email.
  2. In the Infrastructure Console, click Navigation menu icon on the top left to open the navigation menu, click Identity & Security, then, under Identity, click Federation.
  3. On the Federation page, click OracleIdentityCloudService, then, on the identity provider details page, click the link to the Oracle Identity Cloud Service Console. The IDCS Console opens in a new window.
  4. In the IDCS Console, click Navigation menu icon, and then click Users.
  5. Perform any of the following tasks:

    • To create a user, click Add.

      When you add users, they'll receive two emails—one asking them to activate their Oracle Cloud account, and one welcoming them to Oracle Content Management. The Oracle Cloud user account must be activated before the link expires so it can be used. You can send another invitation if necessary.

    • To import users, click Import.
    • To export users, click Export.
    • To activate a user, select the user, and then click Activate.
    • To deactivate a user, select the user, and then click Deactivate.
    • To resend an invitation to a user, select the user, and then click Resend Invitation.
    • To reset a user’s password, select the user, and then click Reset Password.
    • To deprovision a user, select the user, and then click Remove.

    See Managing Oracle Identity Cloud Service Users in Administering Oracle Identity Cloud Service.