Map Source Metadata to a Content Type

When you create a content connector in Oracle Content and Experience, you can do field mapping from source metadata to content type fields.

Typically a source system has metadata associated with a content file. As an administrator, you can import a content file to the asset repository and map metadata from the source system to an Oracle Content and Experience content type, such as an employee record. You can associate multiple content types with a connector.

To map source metadata to a content type:

  1. Sign in as a system administrator in your browser and click Integrations under Administration in the left navigation menu.

  2. On the Assets page, click Create.

  3. On the Create Repository page, define your repository.

    1. Specify the connector name, publishing channels, languages, and other options.
    2. Under the Connectors option, select one or more connectors from the drop-down menu to associate with the repository.

      This menu lists all the content connectors that have been configured in your Oracle Content and Experience instance, such as Google Drive, and WebCenter Content.

      If any of the connectors you select have content types associated with them, the types appear under the Content Types option. If you want the content connector to have additional fields, you can add them on the Mappings tab of the Connector Settings page.

      If the Allow Content Type Creation checkbox on the General tab is selected, the mapping of source metadata to Oracle Content and Experience content types will be automatically populated. You can change the automatic mapping on the Connector Settings page.

  4. If the Allow Content Type Creation checkbox on the General tab is not selected, you need to map the source metadata to Oracle Content and Experience content types on the Connector Settings page:

    1. On the Mappings Tab, choose a source type from the Source Content Type drop-down menu and an Oracle Content and Experience type from the OCE Content Type drop-down menu, to map the Source Data Field to the Target Data Field.

    2. Repeat for each source content type.

    3. Click Save.

    4. Enable the connector.

      See Enable a Content Connector.

    This type mapping must be done for all source types before the content connector is enabled. If you want to change the mapping, you need to disable the connector, make your changes, and then enable the connector again. Whenever an administrator saves the connector after modifying a content type, the connector framework will attempt to seed the content type again. If you remove any associated content type that is required for the selected connector, the save will fail.