Provide Sign-In and Get-Started Information to Users

To get users started, administrators should provide clear sign-in instructions to users. After you add users to the system, the service sends them welcome emails, giving the user sign-in information. But it’s useful for you to also send an email, providing more details.

Automatic Welcome Emails

When you add users, they'll receive two emails—one asking them to activate their Oracle Cloud account, and one welcoming them to Oracle Content and Experience. The Oracle Cloud user account must be activated before the link expires so it can be used. You can send another invitation if necessary.

The welcome email for Oracle Content and Experience users is customized based upon the user's application role, such as administrator, enterprise user, or standard user.

The automatic welcome email includes the web address (URL) for the service and the user’s account name and login information.

Service URL

The values used for the URL are created when the service is activated. The URL for the service has this general format:


For example, if salesdocuments1 was entered as your service name, myaccount was entered as your account name, and the service type is cec, the service URL is:

Mobile App for Android APK File

If you want to make the .apk file for the Android mobile app available to your users through a link, you can download it from the Oracle Content and Experience downloads page, at the bottom of the page.